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Moving into exile has been the dominant happening to Swedish home educators in the last two years. During the period 2010-2012 more than a dozen families and more than 25 children of school age have left Sweden, often in haste after being harassed by the Swedish authorities with threats of social custody and fines of ten thousands of euros. They don't have to travel far, home education is permitted in all other Nordic countries: Norway, Denmark and Finlan. A dozen families may not sound much but it is more than a quarter of the entire former Swedish home educating population.

Here are links from early 2012 in international media in English about these unfortunate events:

"Walk to Freedom" - July 13 – around July 19, 2012
During the summer of 2012 home educators from Sweden and abroad will walk 170 kilometers from Vingåker, east of Stockholm, to Stockholm and then take the boat to the Aland Islands in a "Walk to Freedom" The Swedish speaking Aland Islands is a self-governing province within Finland in the Baltic Sea which is the most common place for Swedish home educators flee in order to home educate safely. Thus the symbolism of a "walk to freedom". You are welcome to join or to support.

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