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Fined homeschooling family threatened with distraint by the
Swedish Enforcement Authority for 15 000 USD fine

Read the whole story in these two press-releases from ROHUS:

Homeschooling family fined 15 000 USD the the Swedish Supreme Court
15 000 USD homeschooling fine claimed by the Swedish Enforcement Authority

The Swedish Enforcement Authority is now forcing the 15 000 USD fine payment from the Swedish homeschooling family in exile in Finland. The payment has to be made at the latest on September 26th or the family risks distraint. No investigation of the financial resources of the family has been made. With the ROHUS fine fund, still filling up, the family would be in very serious financial trouble, affecting not the least their three children. Was this the intenti0n of the Uppsala municipality?

Below are copies of the written claims from the Swedish Enforcement Authority (Kronofogden) to the family.


Please note the clear message from Enforcement Authority below:

"We may decide to issue a distraint warrant. This means that we can make a deduction from your income or seize property that belongs to you and sell it. In order to receive payment, the Enforcement Authority may in certain circumstances request a foreign authority to seize your assets outside Sweden."


(The Swedish social security numbers have been crossed out below for the security of the family.)

The fine for each of the parents to pay is 50 000 SEK (Swedish krona) or a total of 100 000 SEK, approximately 15 000 USD or 11 500 euro.






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