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The Swedish Association for Home Education

Home education is the fastest growing form of basic education in the world today.

ROHUS – The Swedish Association for Home Education – is Sweden's leading organisation for Home Education. ROHUS is politically and religiously unaffiliated and is open to all home educators regardless of motivations, beliefs or life-styles.

Home education in Sweden has never been larger than about 100 home educated children, which for a nation of nearly ten million people is extremely small compared to most other democratic countries.

But obviously the Swedish Government thought that 100 home educated children where too much when they in 2010 changed the law to make home education even more difficult. The law stipulates that there has to be "exceptional circumstances" for home education to be permitted.

The new law started taking effect even before it was passed. Swedish municipalities interpreted the old law with the intentions of the new law and denied permission to home school in many more cases. Families who had been home educating successfully for many years where suddenly denied permission and threatened with the social authorities and fines of up to 20 000 euros per child and year.

This has lead to Swedish home educators fleeing Sweden to other nearby countries where home education is permitted. They often flee in haste because of fear of the all-powerful Swedish social authorities who take custody of a greater number of children than most comparable countries. The case of Dominic Johansson who was taken in custody three years ago for home education and still not returned to his parents instills fear in Swedish home educators.

These events have lifted the awareness of Swedish home educators and given ROHUS a position in international home schooling being part of the initiative for a global conference on home education, the Global Home Eduation Conference 2012 in Berlin on November 1-4, 2012.

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